In the past, video tours for real estate listings were mainly used for high-end properties or luxury homes. In today's market, home buyers expect to see videos as they shop online - regardless of price range.

Today, a video tour is an essential component for showcasing properties. Simply, it is the way buyers conduct research and narrow their selection. Agent Pro Marketing offers severalĀ  effective solutions for sellers.

  1. We can capture video for your listing.
  2. Provide us with digital pictures of a property taken with a DSLR camera or smartphone and we will create a professional video for your listing. This video will include the features of the property, as well as the contact information for the listing agent. Additionally, the video can include a voice-over that adds tremendous production value and draws attention to the home features and neighborhood. We are a cost-effective resource forĀ  agents who take digital pictures of their listings but need assistance to create a compelling video presentation.